1. Any of the following acts shall be considered a major offence against discipline and good conduct and can lead to suspension / dismissal of the student.

a) Absence of clinical duty and irregular attendance and truancy, smoking, playing cards etc.

b) Use of various forms of intoxicating drugs, alcohol in the school and hostel premises and outside.

c) Various forms of immoral behaviour and resorting to violence of any kinds : Strike, Thievery etc.

d) Disfiguring of School / Classroom wall, furniture etc. and destruction of School, hostel and hospital property.

e) Disobedience or defiance or disrespect to teaching staff and other staff and authorities.

f) Malpractices in examination, negligence shown in studies, homework, class test, assignment, irresponsiveness in class etc. will be viewed seriously.

2. Male Students are not allowed to enter Female students rooms without prior permission from the authority and Vice-Versa.

3. Ragging of any kind is strictly prohibited in the School and hostel premises, If Student is found to be involved in any act of ragging, actions will be taken as per order of Honourable Supreme Court of India.