1. Hostel accommodation is compulsory for all students, separate for male and female.
2. Two school buses are available for the student’s for transportation from hostel to the hospital and vice versa free of cost.
3. To promote a well balanced personality development, the students are encouraged to participate in religious and social activities.
4. There is a well equipped library with latest Nursing and Medical books and relevant journal magazines and newspapers.
5. The institution provides a safe and secure environment to the students, faculty and non teaching staff. First aid boxes are maintained and utilized by each class and kept ready to be used whenever needed. Institution has a sick room which is utilized for medical emergencies by staff and students.
6. Annual counselling is provided to each student where they were advise, correct and encourage in matters related to personal, educational and vocational aspects. The main objective of the committee is to empower the safety measures for each student, provision of safe and peaceful atmosphere in the institution.
7. The institution provides common room with carrom board, television, table tennis equipments etc. for indoor and volleyball for outdoor activities.