A & P : Anatomy & Physiology

AD (N) : Additional Director (Nursing)


BAC: Bacterial Artificial Chromosome

BDB: Biometric Data Block

BESU: Bengal Engineering and Science University

BGP Border Gateway Protocol

BIAB: Bioinformatics & Applied Biotechnology

BIPK: Basic Information Processing Kit

BHQ: Block Head Quarter

BPEL4WS: Business ProcessExecution Language for Web Services

BPO: Business Process Outsourcing

BPL: Broadband on power lines

BRAF: Bio-informatics Resource and Application facility

BTP: Biotechnology Park


CARE: Centre for Advanced Computing Research and Education

CAT: Cyber Appellate Tribunal

CATR: Compact Antenna Test Range

CBEFF: Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework

CCA: Controller of Certifying Authorities

C-DAC: Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

CFR: Centre for Reliability

CC&BT: Convergence Communications & Broadband Technologies

CCP: Commonwealth Connects Programme

CCSM: Coupled Climate System Model